I also wish to congratulate Dr. Gordon Nanau for his recent academic accomplishment which now confirms his lifetime dream and goal just like any other Solomon Islanders of the recent past and in the coming future.

This is good news for the country as we need more qualified human resources to help contribute in charting the direction in which this country should go in whatever capacity they are involved and being utilised in.

I think the truth of the matter is that no matter how rich our country is in our natural resources, but if we do not know how to turn these resources into gold that has monetary value, we can live and die being poor with our resources.

A country with abundance train human mind in various fields and discipline will be able to prosper because the highly train mind is being utilised to develop and turn the natural resources that it has into monetary value when it is sold.

I think one question we will continue to find answers for in the meantime as experienced is whether these highly trained human resources will come back and work in the country for obvious reasons we all know (no greener pasture due to very weak purchasing power of our dollar and high cost of living).

Our highest academic institution SICHE as wells as public service (govt) do not have any revised and attractive salary structure and one wonders how it can persuade people with highest qualification to go and work.

Anyhow, its something to think about for the day!