Dear editor, Credits should be given to the trade department in the ministry of foreign affairs, and the aid donors for organizing such workshop for the stakeholders and the trading companies in Solomon Islands to understand in details some trading barriers that Solomon Islands currently facing in terms of trading internationally, not that only but more importantly for us Solomon Islands to discover more in detail too the potentials and the benefits from trading internationally.

Solomon Islands have potentials in some industries that if we tap will not take us long to meet the international standard of trade and marketing,all we need is to improve and build on our human capacity,institutional capacity and infrastructure, because these are some of the major barriers facing most least developed and developing countries around the world including Solomon Islands, and if only we realize these barriers and work on them which I'm sure thats what SIG and aid donors are doing now, then Solomon Islands will not find it difficult to expand the quantity and quality of its goods and services that can supply to world markets at an competitive prices.

Once again,more credits and job well done to all the participants, i hope you will not stop after the workshop, but work more and build on the knowledge you learn from the workshop, and also to the SIG for the assurance of the commitments put behind this integrated framework of trade.

All together we can build a better and a prosperous Solomon Islands.