I am a Fijian student here at the USP School of Law, Emalus Campus, here in Vanuatu. I wish to convey my condolence for the untimely and unjustified death of Paul Sokoiasi. To give the truth, the situation here in Port Vila is critical. There has been numerous reports of hostility (to put it in a nut-shell) from the locals here towards us foreigners. We students have been threatened and on many occasions got into encounters of fights with the locals.

Lately, it has been observed that the hostility has escalated and now it has reached the extent where they will pick fights with you for no reason. But when there is a fight, basically the public and anyone in sight or passing by will participate in fighting you and your friends. The question now is what are our governments doing for the safety and well-being of students studying here? For all students, from the respective member countries of the USP region, we are exposed to this hostility and danger. Is there to be another death which will then catch the attentions of our governments?