Jones from Auckland might like to indicate exactly what is weird as indicated. Not long ago Ontong Java people were appealing for food aid.

Yes some people are enjoying free fresh fish but not so in the big population regions. There is chronic poverty. Fish barter trade has collapsed. Protein deficiency malnutrition is killing even my SI friends of 30 years.

What is more important, acute food and economic problems now, or future climate possibilities? Worldwide there are many people who do not believe CO2 is causing climate change. I am for example trying to find data to prove there are enough sq cubic metres ice on the surface and underwater in the Arctic and Antarctica, less the shrinkage factor of 11 parts ice makes 10 parts water with most of icebergs underwater, to compare how many sq cubic metres are needed to cover the whole surface of the whole world ocean and tidal estuaries.

Considerable ice area has already melted but there is no unusual sea water rise around Australia. If a rise is to occur it must happen worldwide, not just at low lying Pacific atolls.

In comparison of urgency, vast areas of dead coral covered with algae are visible right now. Coral is already no longer producing as it used to. Coral sand and rubble supply must therefore already be reduced. I am putting forward not ideas but observations from 50 years underwater exploration and filming and research in the ocean. And I am aware SI has over 900 beautiful islands and really nice people.

Jones, thank you for the suggestion re Soltai but SI experts can handle that. And SI must not lose Soltai especially at this point in time. Please point out exactly what you think is weird and give reason. Then I can perhaps give constructive reply.