While I am symphatise with Nuake and Wani for what they have been through, I just want to put forth some ideas that I think would help us address their Concern.

Firstly I disagree with Nuake to say that we introduce foreign languages to be taught in Schools.

I rather suggest that, If you are selected to go to Japan, Taiwan, China or Havana in Cuba, one must learn to understand the language of the host nation. At least if the leng of your stay on that country is 2-7 years or so, and you are required to learn their language for a year, then it is appropriate to spend that year in your home country.

This is to lessen the expenses that would be incurred if we send that student overseas and failed to pass the Langauage classes and and subsequently send home just because of that foreign Language.

I agree with Wani to have the responsible Countries to set up language Classes in the Solomons to train the students in Solomon Islands prior to sending them to their countries.

Having taught those languages in our home country by the responsible Countries will help them select the best students, perhaps the most fluent students. That will reallty help them cope well with their studies and upon arrival in that particular country.

With that, I hope Solomon Islands will learn from the cries of our future leaders who are currently suffering from this overlooked factor and will address it in due course to help our prospecting students.