I would be very glad if you allow me a space in your news paper to put across my view on the above topic.

Mr Nuake, I was very impressed by your suggestion to introduce other languages apart from English to be optional in our curriculum. It has been a challenge for some and barrier for most of us who only undertaken language such us chinese, spanish or japanese as Nuake mentioned and not forgetting chinese that made up of a large number of business men and women in honiara, we need to know their language to create them a good business environment.

One year Chinese is like studying English in Solomon Curriculum from Grade 1 to 4. Honestly, it is only for survival and it cannot help in anyway for majoring program that taught in chinese in an University.

For Japanese, atleast the Japanese Emabassy in Solomons can arranged classes for basics at our National Museum. I believe the Award holders should have higher chance of taking it before leaving to Tokyo. Unlike the Chinese and spanish and sadly we didn't know a single word until our first mandarin class. In our case most students who hold onto the same Award all over the world, they already taken the basics in their countries before arriving in Taiwan. Most teachers never consider those of us that never knew even a word and they can only ask us or explain in chinese. They don't fluent in English explain things clearly. I hope the spanish and japanese teachers may be exception.

What about the responsible authorities to do your best to help the next respective pupils in Solomon as another choice since this idea yet to be implemented before leaving to these place to do university studies.

Hence, It may save time and money.

God bless