Thats a very positive start for a new PM trying to get the country back together something the previous government has done so little about.

However most of those who failed to act to the call of the tsunami victims are in the current government.

Some of the ministers should be shamed for not helping those who were affected by the tsunami despite the fact that international donors poured in money for help.

A good exmaple is the former finance minister whose supposed to release the fund to the local government and the people of the tsunami stricken areas in the western solomons.

To see the effectiveness of our ministers- I think the only way is for the PM to get a report of what they are doing, something that befell the Soga government when Soga's nephew tighten the screw on some miniters.

Seemed we are in a whirl wind and little changes are expected if ministers do not work for the people they represent and the nation.

- good luck to the new government-