Solomon Islands is now into its 30th years of Independence and what would be the future brings for a country with alot of challenges encounted during it's life span. Which way are going to follow after restoration of law and order and now facing ahead is the economic crisis.
Now Malaita is or was conducting an Independence survery for its people. Hope that this survey is a holistic approach and not biased one which only covers a few. After this result is delivered then what is next? Will the Malaita province follow the positive side of the survey which is to say yes. Though Malaita have the human resources as it is recorded highest population and more of highly recongised man power. Were all these match the resources we have for a lasting or longer period of time? Will it be called the Republic of Malaita where our resources did not match the growing population?
At the present time we are still far behind than we suppose to be.
Grateful if there are more infrastures and commincation, employment opportunites for our school leavers and rural drifters policies put in place for the beneficials for all in the country. As already mention by other commentators that Malaita is another part of Solomon Islands and if Malaita goes for an Independence, believe it or not there will be a conflict not between another Islands states within Solomon Islands but for sure there will be a conflict between the Malaitan regions itself.
In that what is important is for the Malaita Province is to make its proper planing policy for its members.