In my Christian view, we are supposed not to discriminate against anyone, HIV positives in this matter. We are all equal in the Master's eyes. How sad is that, it may not be their mistake that they contracted the virus. Our role as a Christian is to LOVE. No one is perfect, don't take me wrong, I don't agree with the ones who contracted the virus elsewhere apart from their partners. Of course there are consequences for their wrong doings but we don't have to discriminate against them. Let's care for them and show love. Despite of their shortcomings, tell them there is always hope, there is always room to start all over again spiritually speaking. Thank God He loves everyone the same, HIV or not, God loves us all the same. So stop Discriminating and start Loving. They are human beings who needs our love and are part of our communities. We have no right whatsoever to pass judgement on to others. After all we are all sinners saved by GRACE.
Be a Light and Salt. Don't forget our mission.