I write to congratulate our Solomon Taiyo company in Noro, Western province for producing and exporting quality tuna products overseas that continue to received good comments from consumers and high demand for its taste.

For example, in Suva Fiji you could hardly see our tuna products sitting in the supermarket shelves for 2 or 3 weeks as consumers are always waiting to buy it when they arrived.
Even in local shops people always buy them. You asked the shop owners and they can tell you that the Solomon Blue product always received high demand and are selling very fast compared to Fiji own tuna products and others from other countries. They even admit having difficulties in getting them from wholesellers.
I asked some neighbours about our product and they told me that it is the best compared to their own tuna describing their product as only containing more oil, less meat with no good smell and taste.

This is good and encouraging news and I urge our Solomon Taiyo company to continue to produce the best. To the government, lets produce other meat products by investing in this industry that we have the potential to produce only the best.