Some have already provide useful comments on the gov't's plan to introduce free education in the SI.

I would like to contribute to this issue but from a different dimension.

Free education existed before Europeans landed on our shores. I could still recall the days passed by when my grandpa 'lectured' us beside the fire in the cool nights or our parents gave us Agricullture lessons with hands on experience in our family garden. We paid no horrendous fees, need no desks, use no books & pens, yet the knowledge & skills imparted on us had and is still profiting us and will continue to do so in the future.

The fact the people have been complaining about the high cost of education, thus the move for free education, proves that the formal education is inadequate therefore emhasizes be given to the importance of the informal education.

Parents should be teachers for their children in their homes. Doing so would cost parents nothing except their time. I believe teachers in the formal educations are find it helpful in their work if parents equip their children with the requisite tools for education in the formal education.