Governments recent free basic education announcement is a most welcome news indeed for the country. However, as Mrs Rodie had stated that it is too early yet to ascertain whether this initiative's purpose is achieved until it is implemented. As we all know any new plans always comes with its pros and cons. The question of long-term sustainability by government is a major issue of concern that no one can predict at this stage because should any successive government put a halt to this policy, certainly there will be problem.
The "FREE'concept may also portrays and encourage free mentality thus resulted in some people folding their hands in a relaxing attitude and forgetting their responsibilty to their childrens education.
As we know education is an investment and it is every parents desire and dream to one day see their children have better future. My view is that regardless of whatever better education initiatives we can come up with, the success of the children depends on the parents interests and attitude towards their childrens education from the begining to the top.

However may I also congratulate the government for this christmas gift as it shows that it has fundamental concern for its people to be educated for its economic development and prosperity now and to the future.