Recently the Secretary of Maasina Forum hit the media with the announcement that Malaita Independence Survey is underway and the result will be disclosed soon.While the idea of gathering the views of Malaitans is welcomed, I still doubt if the outcome represents the views of every malaitans.Maasina forum cannot conclude that Malaitans are demanding independence when the views of only certain selected individuals or groups are heard.The Forum cannot claim independence for malaita when the view of a Malaitan living in the hinterlands of Kwaio or Are'Are is not heart.Neither can the Forum assume that Malaitans are demanding independence when the voices of the dwellers along the Southern and Western Coast of the island are not heard.A survey carried on certain parts of the island and finally claiming that it represents the whole populace of Malaita will be a total lie.Such a result would be bias and waste of worthwhile resources that can be utilized for the benefit of the island .
Anyway,even if the Forum pushed hard with its agenda for an independent malaita,they should thoroughly ask themselves if Malaita is really ready to be a country of its own.