It is in great desperation news for all the rural dwellers as to when this so called "Free Education"will be implemented, thumbs up for the CNURA government that eventually this will come into reality by 2009. However, there are lot of works needed e to achieve this policy. These include;
1. Whether the ministy of education have the capacity to implement the free education.
This includes the questions of the availabilty of human resources, the stationery materials to be used and more over the conducives of the schools around the country.
2. The other area is that of behaviour that some of the teahers absences in class. Since free education is for all, there will be more children in class than the present times. Just imagine, though at the present times there are few children in class, yet they are denied to be class. Will these behavour will not happening again when this free education come into being?
3. Maintaince and improvement of the schools is another. As most primary schools are very much depended upon the local communities. The idea of free education to many in rural area means alot to them. Grateful if these rural people take into account the importance of free education and continue with support they have done.
4. The other area is that of whether when this free education is implemented. will the usual practice of teachers on strikes which may deneis the right of the children to education be abolished. In that there should be proper investigation and research to find out what the cause roots of all these.
Henceforth, it is equally important for all the inistitutions and the state to work together as education is for all.