I would like to share some thoughts of mine on the FREE Education for all. I for one agree with Mr SLEEPY 319 from Baltimore Maryland on his last posting. However, my only concern is the ability for the Government rolling out job creation. The challenge for the government is providing jobs for its educated population which even now in the present situation there are quite a few educated people are still looking for jobs in our Country. But I totally agree with SLEEPY 319 in getting our population to be able to read and write and understand. However at the same token I believe the answer to the problem of job creation is for the Government to turn its eyes and assist in developping Private Sector. Government must not be the ultimate aim for new graduates of our new generain but its our private sector to become the main employer of the new and educated population of our nation. Prosperity of our nation comes where private sector is given the assistance to create jobs, infrastratures for the jobs creation. Cheers & Regards