YES!!! when i read this it bought tears to my eyes because now all of the solomon island children from primary grades and higher will be educated and that is what is needed because kids are your future u must invest in there education and it must be free for all so they have an opportunity to get a better job in life as they grow up. and learn about the world not just your country
free education will make living in the solomon islands a better place.
Super Congratulations u are now on the right track.
Now all u have to do is find and create jobs for the Teenagers and that will make them responsible and care,
road construction, painting govt buildings, cleaning jobs, on buses, cleaning the streets, but u must pay them a decent wage for this and make it a 5 day a week job. and u will see the people there will start to care how their villages, and surrounding areas look. put them to work on the docks , or coconut factories, rice fields, but they need jobs , cleaning the hospital there, all these jobs need to be 5days work with a decent wage. once this is done the distruction of telephones and all will stop.