I can imagine how delightful our finance minister Hon. Rini was when he delivered the 2009 budget amounted to SBD$4.4 Billion, the highest ever in the political history of Solomon Islands

I'm not hoping but i believe that most Solomon Islanders if not all would agree with me that this year's budget is indeed a good news to our ears, from the idea that some of our basic services like heath,education,infrastructure,shipping etc... would improve and have a good impact on our well being, and more importantly is the long time promises about development in our rural areas which is the aspiration of people of Solomon Islands.

And more to our good news is the specific allocations for some of the country major long time voiced out development projects like Bina, Suafa bay, Aluta palm oil,Noro township and some more in other provinces ithat if implemented would really boost our long time dream for rural development in Solomon Islands.
While what i mentioned above are just some of the good news about our budget this year, there are some precaution measures that i just want to put forward to all of us to think about while entering another if not the most challenging year for Solomon Islands and the rest of the world.
Part of my first point was already point out to our politician in the parliament by the Hon. leader of Opposition , Sogovare, that predicting the revenue collection which included in 2009 govt budget in a such current economical environment is something that our economist need to think about, needless to say one of our major revenue collection, the round log would be decline by next year, which for sure will have an impact on the Solomon Islands economy.

And another thing is the proper utilization of the fund for the development from the respective ministries, i mention this because it happened in the past that big amount of fund were allocated for some projects,but only to learn later that nothing has been done and seen, if then what did the fund used for? or where does it go?
I don't know the answers,but i'm sure the responsible authorities knows well.

One last thing here is the commitment that our leaders and we as citizens should put behind what we want to see and achieve for Solomon Islands from the funds that our development partners helps us with,here i'm talking about "good governance", its some thing that we need to think serious about, i don't think they would be there to help us like this for the rest of our lives, but in fact our development partners should only be there as an examples.
God bless Solomon Islands.