Dear Editor,

The Government of the Republic of Korea is known to be actively engaged in piloting a number of training schemes aimed at uplifting and encouraging socially disadvantaged youths in several South American countries.

As His Excellency, Mr. Won-Jung Han, the Korean Ambassador has just presented his credentials to His Excellency the Governor-General in Honiara, it could prove advantageous for the Solomon Islands Government to seek the Ambassador's assistance in introducing similar support to the many young adults living in and outside Honiara.

The training schemes are reported to centre on teaching football skills as a primary focus, but with secondary aims of imparting life skills such as discipline, self-reliance, team work, initiative and

It is claimed many of the young adults undergoing the training in South America have become energised sufficiently to look for work, and some have found paid employment as a consequence.

The situation in the Solomons, of course, is somewhat different and few job opportunities currently exist, but given that the Solomon's government is endeavouring to create more work, and hopefully will, support from the Government of the Republic of Korea, including funding, could be the "shot in the arm" that many young islanders need to become motivated and more self-reliant.

Yours sincerely,
Frank Short