We would like you to publish this article that we the GPPOWA have written in response to the SINUW articles in the Solomon times.
thank you for your time.

Recently articles have been published concerning SINUW involvement with GPPOL, in particular stating untrue information of what is happening.

The same time that the Trade Disputes Panel released its decision, in favour of the company, over the recognition case with SINUW, is the same time that we see complaints about the company in the media.

Could this be because SINUW is not happy with the decision??

To set the record straight: the workers of GPPOL have established their own In house Union called Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Workers Association (GPPOWA). GPPOWA has been established and registered and the membership is now increasing rapidly.

GPPOWA feels that it can best serve the welfare and rights of GPPOL employees, as it is on the ground and living in the same community as the employees.

It is also very interested in providing other benefits for the employees as well as representing them in the terms and conditions of employment.

Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Workers Association strongly denies the claims made in recent articles and feels that the comments were submitted because of the recent decision of the Trade Disputes Panel. The decision states 'that the union (SINUW) does not have the right to claim recognition from the company at this stage, as it does not have the substantial support of the company employees.'