Thank you Will Jones for the quotations from Rev. Moon. The fact that those are Moon's direct quotes makes it hard for the Bingham's argument to counter it with a reasonable defense. But they can try!

They should - seriously. They certainly have a duty to defend their leader and his doctrine. Maybe it will result in more "good" converts in the Solomons!

Until the Moonists provide the evidence that some "hacker" from the moon is posting those quotes on their website, it may not be easy to accept whatever interpretations they avail to their evidence.

This is not to imply that I will not try to make the time to read them, nor, I should not question their definition of "peace" and whatever "pieces" they attach to it.

On the basis of the quotes', supplied by Will Jones, an informed lay person from the Solomon Islands (and many others who have contributed are) like me certainly finds it hard to throw my vote with the Bingham's mob.

I am reminded here of an encounter I had in 2005, while on training at the Kangwon National University (Chuncheon, S. Korea). To make the experience short, it was during a discussion about Dr. Paul Cho, the pastor of the world's largest church (from S. Korea), that a few Korean postgraduate students advised that Pacific Islanders should keep a good distant from the Moonist movement. As they have had enough experiences relating to its impact.

Actually Dr. Cho was in Honiara a few years back, and he was received well by SICA and its members as he interprets the gospel in a manner in which the christian churches in the Solomons identify with. This is the distinctive line along which the Bingham's argument and its "mob" may have trouble understanding, and hence will find difficulty to further buy into where SICA is coming from, and so why it is making a stance. And from where its members are also coming from and so their collective affirmation to SICA.

Finally, we Solomon Islanders on many a time have been referred to by "binocular-observers" of our realities as 'simple people' living on islands with coconut trees, but we are complicatedly very intelligent people. And despite of the many challenges that our country is facing as it tries to navigate the economics of these modern turbulent times; our spiritual antennas are not in crisis (NO), they are very much developed and unaffected even by this current financial crisis. The response to Rev. Moon's "peace" and its baggage is just an indication of this latter fact.

I rest my case.

Kamsahamnida (thank you in Korean)