With all due respect to Mr. Bingham from Korea, and not to be redundant since I have made other comments on this subject, let me just post a handful of direct Rev. Moon quotes that I found in some of his speeches that are on-line at Unification Church sites. These say much more about what Rev. Moon teaches than the opinion of current UC members like Mr. Bingham and a few others who have commented here who either do not know this content, or choose not to disclose it:

"Judaism committed a historical sin in front of Jesus, so Jewish people experienced the Holocaust under Hitler."

"Islam is a religion which originally should not have come into being."

"As the Lord of the Second Advent I am the owner of this world of death... therefore, the world must follow Rev. Moon. There is no other solution, no other direction or choice..."

"When you work hard, Congressmen and Senators must be controlled by you."

"The Religious Leaders that attend Father will have more and more influence over other religious leaders and soon they will influence political leaders as well..."

"The significance and meaning of Father's last world tour was in his gathering of the heads of state and teaching them. In other words, he rose above them and declared kingship."

"The time is coming that we have to abolish the concept of separation between church and state. We need a political party centered upon religious ideology...This democratic period in human history is passing away. Soon the heavenly sovereignty will be established to lead the world."

"If Catholic priests and nuns remain single, they will all end up in hell... The Unification Church blesses the bride and the bridegroom so they will not perish."

"They may be proud to call themselves Catholic, Protestant and so forth, but they have nothing to be proud of. God is even rejected in the true sense by Christians, so how can God visit the Christian churches and expect something?"

"Are we able to swap one real true Unification Church member with all the members of the Catholic faith in the world? (No.)."

"All Christian ministers must be re-educated. They must become new Christians. Unity with Reverend Moon is of vital importance. Without it, no matter how much they do, God will not be on their side."

"Homosexuals: ... They have no rights. There should be a law to prohibit this. ... But homosexuals and lesbians are lower than animals."

"America declined because it rejected Reverend Moon. ...Once the Messiah sits upon that throne, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth will come about through the unification and perfection of the family, world and cosmos..."

"I want to see the unification of languages all over the world. As of now, about 1,600 different languages are spoken. Who is going to unify all of these languages? I am. Once we have one single language for the entire world, it will take only one broadcasting station, radio or TV, to reach every corner of the world. In terms of publications, if there is one language it takes only one book, then everyone in the world will be able to read and learn. But right now 1,600 different books have to come out on the same contents. It is a waste of time, manpower and materials. Everything is being wasted because of the division of languages."

"Where is the root of the problem of divorce? It is in the woman."

"In the near future, True Family will rise above the entire human race and establish the Kingdom of Heaven."

"Once we accomplish the goal of 3.6 million Blessing ceremony, then all of the young people in the world, from elementary school up through college, will look to the Unification Church Holy Wedding Ceremony..."

"Alcohol, smoking and evil social behavior are also satanic weapons to destroy the human race. Once we understand this clearly we cannot touch those kinds of satanic weapons. We have to destroy them."

"Weapon factories must be placed under the supervision of the religious spheres..."

"All the irrelevant books in the world should be burned away. I cannot tolerate books that belong under the leftist ideology. Do you understand?"
Sincerely yours,
Will Jones (20 year member of Rev. Moon's Unification Church)