Much has been said either for or against the Global Youth Festival (GYF) organised by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) founded by Rev. Moon.

Before contributing to this controversal & sensitive issue, I would like to make it clear at the outset that I am not a follower of Moon nor a follower of SICA. The conflicting views shared through the media brings to my mind the question that Jesus asked his disciples as to who he is. There were two type responses from the disciples - one is a REPORT and the other a REVEALATION. The former is the answer given by the other disciples, where they only reported what they've heard other people said about Jesus. Whereas the later is Peter's answer. Under which category do your classify your response to this issue?

It comes as no surprise for anyone to claim that they are working for a common good than otherwise. If one are to see the controversy objectively, I think, it is not fair to equate UPF as wolves in sheep's coat or false prophet. Such view is not any different from claiming self-righteousness in that it implies that our existing denominations (Catholic, SSEC, Anglican etc...) are free or do not have wolves in sheep's coat.

May I appeal to all SI christians to seek God in times of confusion as this to pray for God to open the eyes of not only for the UPF leaders & followers but also for leaders & members in our existing denominations. Theology & doctrine will never give Christians an answer let alone saved lives. It is only the Spirit of God that dwells in all christians that can give directions by revealing the truth which will then sets people free.