My great, great grandfather brought the Bible to the Gilbert Islands. Hiram Bingham. He risked his life to bring Jesus' spirit to the Pacific Islands. I can tell you now, he is NOT happy. Nor am I. I can't sleep! I was getting ready to sit down and write the PEAE a nice letter. But I can't even find them online. Who are these people??

So, since no one else said it, I will:

SICA and PEAE, you are walking the path of bigotry, hatred, and division with your boycott on the Global Peace Festival. You should reverse your ungodly position. What do you love, God or religion? If you love your religion so much, why are you so busy moving it one step closer to irrelevancy with your heinous attack? While the religions are fighting each other for the last word on God, promiscuity is in our homes, classrooms, and halls of government. If you want to fight Satan, join with Rev. Moon, the quintessential Christian, who has a grip on reality, and knows evil face to face. If you did your homework, and weren't so quick to judge, then you would know.

As a friend, let me tell you: Frankly, your position is embarrassing, it's ugly, and it's bad for you. You need to stop torturing us all with your adolescent anti-christ fantasies. Grown up Christians are not falling for it. Put your swords away and take your blinders off. Be true leaders and have some the peace festival and just be grateful you have this opportunity to show what you are really made of. Let us all see how gracious and cooperative you can be, and how qualified you really are to give council to the good citizens of the Solomon Islands. I hope you will go and make it an even more glorious event with your presence. Be prepared to enjoy yourself and bring glory to God, our Heavenly Father, and clean up the disaster that plagues our lives. Your future citizens will thank you for it.