I wonder what is happening to the Christian Leader protesting against the Global Peace Festival and inviting people to boycott the Festival. Are they serious? How can people meeting together trascending culture, color, and the man made walls of religion be the work of the devil? Religious people should seriously consider the example they give to others. It is well known that many wars have been caused by "religious" zeal. So far Rev Moon has only preached that all people should be living as one family under God (withouth the need to be against other religions), The main message of Rev Moon is that we should all be children of God and strife for this in our daily life as individuals and as families; I think Jesus was trying to say the same thing, but he has been put on a cross and regarded as the devil by the religious leader of that time. What is wrong to teach young people to preserve their purity until marriage? Maybe the Christian Leaders should start looking at the "fruit" as the bible states to recognize or discern what is from God and what is from the devil. So far the fruits are good. Best Regards