Dear Sir

I was reading about christian's concern about Rev Moon on Solomon Islands. Don't worry he is living out his life at an incredible rate for the sake of others and loves God with his whole heart and soul. I came into contact with Rev Moon's movement as a christian over thirty years ago (still consider myself to be a christian) and am of course all too aware of the waves of persecution that have surged against his work. If you study the Bible in light of the new revelations he has brought us it is really a revelation with great explanatory powers which can't be just his invention. Give it a chance. At the end of the day its about fundamentals and about the fact that humanity should have been one family but we all ended up fighting and hating each other. The Principle that Rev Moon brought has the best explanation for the human situation I have ever heard. I am not brainwashed I studied philosophy for my degree which makes you very analytical.

Please don't dimiss him as Jesus was dismissed. If Jesus only mission was to be killed why did God spend so much time preparing a people to receive him? There is a lot more to Jesus advent than we previously understood and a lot more to Rev Moon than we realise.

Keep an open mind and ask Jesus with a sincere heart about Rev Moon. He won't persecute you back. I know that for sure!

kind regards,
Pam Dillard