On today's exchange rate the price of fuel is equal to $1.25 per litre Australian which means fuel in the Solomons is still 10 to 15 cents AUD per litre cheaper than in Australia. This is probably of little comfort to people there but shows that at least fuel suppliers in Solomons are a lot more honest in their pricing than in Australia. A country that is 98% self sufficent in light crude oil (neccessary for petrol and diesel production). In Queensland we get just over 8% government subsidy on our fuel and yet our prices are considerably higher than Solomons which has to import 100% of their fuel requirments. Solomon Islanders should ofer their suppliers all the support they can, honesty needs to be rewarded and everything I have seen shows me that at least there you have honesty and integrity in your fuel suppliers while in Australia we have price fixing, gouging and profiteering. We even have to put up with fuel companies putting their prices up 10 to 12 cents per litre on week-ends and dropping it again on Monday or Tuesday. A recent investigation was a government sponsered whitewash that told us price rises were a figment of our imagination, because in Australia petrol companies make huge donations to all political parties to avoid serious honest investigation.