I read with interest the some letters supporting Moonie and the peace festival in Honiara. I have been an objective observer of the Moon followers in Honiara as some close relatives have fell prey to the movement's enticements. I listened empathically to one of the followers who lend me one of their books to read. I understood where the movement was leading these young people.

In relation to the peace festival, and SICA's opposition to it, I would like to say that as a moral value peace should be supported and people should attend festivals that promote peace. In the context of Christian faith and its future in the country, SICA has a duty to refrain its members. This is because Moon is blanketed as the prince of peace in this festival. Not Christ.

I understand that the Churches have done remarkable job supporting peace and reconciliation, in the recent years and even today. Rather than just refraining members to the Moons festival, the challenge to SICA is how many public rallies have we organized together to promote peace. As a home organization SICA has a duty to do more. And in this era of change and many challenges mainstream churches ought to lead innovative festivals with moral and biblical values and with Jesus as Lord. Otherwise the sheep's will be gradually snatched by these energetic movements.