First of all. Every Unificationist believes that Rev. Moon is the return of Christ because Rev. Moon has been publically saying that since 1992. He overtly advocates the creation of a world-wide theocracy centered on himself, his family, and his organization. He is adamant that the chosen people are Koreans, that everyone in the world must learn to speak Korean, and that anyone who opposes what he says will go to hell.

"Peace" is a good idea that we all agree with, but the GPF uses the mantra of peace just as an angle to get people to their events so that they can say to the next country they invade, "look, everyone supports Rev. Moon". I'm from New York, but I take my hat off to the Solomon Island Christians because they saw through the deception and said no to a false prophet. NICE JOB. :-)

Will Jones (20 year member of the Unification Church)