Hi there,

I wanted to write you about the article concerning the boycott of the Global Peace Festival by the Christian leaders.

I personally just came from the Global Peace Festival in London and didn't find any of what the leaders are quoted for to be true.

I know it will just be my word against theirs and I understand that they are scared of us moonies because it seems like we want to take over the world. But that is really not the case. I would love if all christians stayed christians and all muslims stay muslim, just as long as we can work together and realize we all have the same God.

Anyway, what I wanted with this little email is to encourage you to objectively go there to the Festival and write about what you see. Don't go with negative glasses because you can always see negative things if you try to find them. Look objectively, that's what a good journalist would do.

Just wait and see... I believe that within the next years the imagine of us moonies will slowly be changed and people see that our motivation isn't so brainwashed and evil as media often has portrait it.

I'm NOT criticizing you, it's only a friendly suggestion from a 24 year old university student.


Daniel Christensen