I am speechless at the hatred aimed at the federation for peace organization. The Christian denominations that once preach love are now preaching hatred towards their neighbours. What bible are we preaching here ladies and gentlemen? Not to mention that the basic right to religious worship is at the brink of being trampled on by the christian denominations as well. What do the christian denominations have to fear? Just let the adults folk decide for themselves what to attend and what not to attend. I dont see any harm what so ever brought about by the organization. What is the threat posed by this organisation? Are all of our children becoming drug addicts because of this organisation? I see these attacks agaisnt the organization as nothing but just to discredit the organization. Can I rightly say christians are also being brainwashed by theology scholars? I see no reason why I cant say christians are also being brainwashed. It comes down to individual choices let them folks have their share of the right in the constitution.