Thanks Editor for allowing me space to comment on the proposed Peace Festival in Honiara.

While I appreciate PEACE being exceptionally important for Solomon Islands, I personally do not perceive any difference the proposed peace festival would make. The real peace for Solomon Islands is not through moon-organised festivals of any sort but through working for JUSTICE and ACCEPTING THE PRINCE OF PEACE, JESUS CHRIST, in our hearts.

My question for Charles Bingham, Johanna Leon, and other followers of Rev. Moon is: "WHY DON'T YOU ORGANISE A PEACE FESTIVAL IN AFGHANISTAN, IRAQ, MIDDLE-EAST, CONGO to name a few where peace is desperately needed? Innocent lives are lost everyday in these countries yet no global peace festival is organised to tell the extremist, suicide bombers, Taliban, Hamas, and so on and so forth the importance of peace for them and for their respective countries.

I suggest that Rev. Moon and his followers to start off with one huge peace festival, a two week or month long, near the mountains in Afghanistan where the Taliban is hiding. Rock those mountains with the peace message and see if those Taliban fighters could surrender their arms and work for the restoration of justice and peace in that war-torned nation. After that you move on to Iraq and Congo.

Good luck with your peace mission!