Yesterday, you reported about a ban of the Global Peace Festival called for by the highest Christian office of your country. Mr. Riti's religion is the kind of religion that crucified Jesus. If he doesn't repent, then wise people of Solomon, do not obey him. He and his panel of religious "experts" are sadly mistaken about the character and purpose of the Global Peace Festival. Rev. Moon has done nothing but suffer and help people to create the kind of world that GOD is longing to live in. He is qualified, unlike you, sir, to bring all religions and races under one banner of One Family of God. Wake up Christian people! Throw aside your walls of division. Add your voices with pride to the Global Peace Festival and give hope and freedom to your youth.

Mr. Riti, you are throwing mud on the heart of God, and if you don't repeal your ban and cooperate, you are adding to His pain. The world doesn't need that kind of Christianity, nor does God or Jesus. Join as one family. Do what is right, repeal your ban. Let friendship and common cause rule in your nation.