I have had close and intimate encounters with the Unification movement and it's followers. I have seen many of my friends who are supporters of the movement be attacked and put down by main stream christian churches again and again. Having studied the Unification Principle myself and having attended many of their seminars might make me unqualified to speak on their behalf since I would probably be put in the category of being "Brainwashed" as all of these so called Christians call it, yet I must speak out on behalf of what my conscience sees fit. I think it's disgusting that in this day and age we are using derogitory terms such as Moonie in the title of newspaper articles. The term is in the same category as any other used against any minority that people have fear towards, such as, nigger, kike, spik, mick, and Polak. How you consider yourself a journalistic institution and allow such peices of biased fear inducing tabloid material is beyond me. The article even produces scriptural refrences to call the Rev. Sun Myung Moon an anti-christ or agent of the devil. You should be ashamed of yourselves and adivse your readers of the repricussions this kind of article might have on their oppinion of someone that they know nothing about and that in my eyes has done more for the world than any other religious leader in history. Please investigate your sources a little more thouroughly and don't let your instiution be the mouth peice for a few fear drived pastors.

Thank You.