Its appalling how teachers can be absent from classes under the very nose of their education authority and the Ministry of Education and little has been done about it. But just as you can do accounts audits or workplace safety audits, you can measure the number of days lost due to absences per individual teacher. I do not condone these irresponsible, lazy teachers but in so much attacking their absenteeism, lets not turn a blind eye to some truth here.

Teachers are bogged with physical and emotional exhaustion resulting in significant decrease in teacher job satisfaction and perfomance, caused by high levels of large class sizes and lack of resources. Crowd a teacher with a class of 40 kids and only a textbook and see if that is motivating enough, let alone effective. The Ministry should reward teachers with better pay and more support. Little sleep,little pay and alot of sacrifices equals dissapointment.

Do not be too quick in jumping up and down about absenteeism in Honiara high when you can promote a teacher to a job in the Ministry when both have failed their jobs miserably the same. This only undermines your credibility to discipline ineffective teachers from every other school. Deal with all teachers fair and square.