Its so sad to see public phones around Honiara has been vandalized by few selfish and careless individuals,still don't understand why they have to do such an stupid action by damaging such a good and helpful public facilities?

These few stupid individuals should be dealt with accordingly if found. Its obvious around the country with many public facilities not being looked after carefully, authorities has provided us with good public facilities for the better services, but only to learn later that they are damaged by some disrespectful individuals, so it raised a concern in mind as to how can we as country move forward if we have such type of people who do not respect the good services provided for the people of the nation?

One thing out of many factors for the progression of any nation that we (Solomon Islanders) must have in mind is the attitude of loving our country,because only if we see our country from our heart,then we'll have the attitude to respect the people,services and the country as whole.

God bless the vandals.