It should be noted that reports of dynamite fishing was used in the past to catch fish for the captive dolphins held in pens being readied for sale.

The citizens of the Solomons must know that destroying fish stocks and the sensitive reefs in order to try and feed dolphins held captive is a double edged sword which is destroying the wildlife of the Solomon Islands.

The authorities must investigate where the fish is being caught to feed the more than 20 dolphins now held in Guadalcanal. At nearly 50 pounds per day per dolphin, a large amount of fish is needed to keep these dolphins from starving. These dolphin captors are taking valuable fish that could feed the human population, as in the wild, dolphins do not waste.

They eat only what they need on a sustainable basis. Dynamite kills many non targeted species and the coral itself. This atrocity must end now.

Mark Berman
Earth Island Institute
San Francisco, CA