I would like to appreciate the contributions of people like Lionel, Hiba and Luwii. It is interesting to see the in-depth growth of the discussion surrounding this phenomenon. It is also interesting to know the establishments of policies and little working departments to address this issue.

I would like to guess that this phenomenon behaves towards an infinite direction and the magnitude may not be predictable at this stage. As Hiba had stated, since we do not have the latest modern instrument to measure the temperature change, we would not be able as well to predict the limit of climate change.

However, we can be quite certain that this change is positive and its impacts to the lives of Solomon Islanders are converging negatively to hardship. We also see from reports that food production and supply had been already affected in some parts of the world. There may some other explanations but these currently boiled down to climate change.

I would like to check with others how this phenomenon may link to water supply? Will our rivers, streams and wells be affected by climate change?

To conclude thumbs up for CNURA government as well for realising the impacts of this and establish mechanisms to address this issue.