It is indeed interesting to read that one of our officials in Taiwan had let alcohol drown him and ended up acting disorderly and caused damage in a foreign country. That behaviour should have been best left to be acted out by beginners who are not used to drinking and do not know the purpose of social drinking. But for a senior government official that had been used to travelling and drinking, it very difficult for one to swallow and accept such action. It is totally degrading and detrimental not to the status of the officer but to the country. It is a sad story to let him deported and to face charges in Honiara. I wonder what would be the consequences, may be set him free at last with no case to answer. I do hope so...or another delaying tactic applied?

This action does not reflect well on someone mandated by the government for studies and later be a leader. I assume that in such a mission, the government had vested trust in you to act professionally and not to be part of process that will tarnish the image of the country. More importantly, this case sets precedence that would be used to brand our other public servants who will be going for training in Taiwan.

I would like to conclude that it is a usual practice and not an act of surprise.