The last time I was in Waimapuru was in 2000 to take a short time with the form 5 and 6 students, after the June 6 episode.

The first object of interest to me was the "family pot" and I could not even locate its remnants. That "family pot" was the symbol of unity amongst the North malaita students. We always gather around it including Warwick (you can contact me on, Daniel Fafunua, Paul Orataloa and others, cooking cassava soup which comprised of sodium glutomite(flavour blo noodle) and yellow cassava.

That was not even nutritous but everybody enjoyed and almost scrape clean the bottom of the pot. I know that there are others who came through and had also fed from it, late Pehuru, driven by late Maefasia and punished by Michael Wairamo. I salute late Bart for being an icon and a motivator during my days in Waimapuru.

I do look foward to have contacts with the organising committee and other former students and share with them informations regarding the jubilee.