Dear editor,

Can you get your facts right about the place you are referring to "villagers Plea for clean water" you are reffering to two different places. Mataruka in Malango is correct but in East Guadalcanal would be incorrect. We have Makaruka in East Guadalcanal instead (some use Botamoli or moli district). From my understanding Makaruka in East Guadalcanal has the longest water source collected in land on Guadalcanal. To say makaruka is without water would be incorrect. Therefore it would be also incorrect to say Johnson Koli as memember of Parliament for Malango. I am not certain what area you are referring to, so get the news correct for the public awareness.

However, I appealed to leaders in their capacity to help our rural people with their immediate needs like water and sanitation.

Joe Tuti

Editors Note: We apologies for the error. We have re-edited the article based on the information provided by Joe Tuti. Thank you Joe.