It is interesting to read that the topic has some connections with the global climate. Thinking logically about that gives me light that, whatever human or non human activities occuring in other parts of the universe do certainly impacted our little solomon islands.

It is also interesting to learn that climate change has got links to shortage of food as well. Hence, our people in the solomon islands might already had experiences with this.If so then, this issue should not be slipped under the carpet and the responsible authority should design and establish policies regarding this or activate any designed policies that are dormant in the shelves of some of our offices in the ministries.

A weakness that prevails in the attitudes of our people is complacency and being casual and being less proactive in addressing pressing issues. I think there needs to be vigilant steps taken by our leading stakeholders for the purpose of addressing and highlighting the importances of these undertakings like policies and activities that would uphold the policies.