It is very interesting to read about Solomon Islands music being exploited in Fiji. This is an affirmation that Solomon Islands music and other Pacific Islands' music are not protected from remixing or abuse.

In order to fully protect Solomon Islands music and those of other Pacific Island Countries (PICs) from exploitation as highlighted by our fellow wantoks who are currently in Fiji, regional cooperation is very important.

Below are the steps, among other steps, that should be taken.

First, it is important that PICs adopt a common policy in relation to protecting island music in each individual country.

Second, it is essential that PICs harmonise their copy right laws.

Third, it is crucial that a regional body should be mandated to regulate and supervise activities related to island music.

But the problem is that PIC are not willing.

In fact there is no political will on the part of PICs government.

In affirming the lack of political will, one can draw an example from the 1999 Symposium on the Protection of Traditional knowledge and Expressions of Indigenous Cultures in Pacific Islands in Noumea, New Caledonia. In fact, after 9 years, PICs are yet to materialise those resolutions during that symposium.

So the backdrop is that without any substantial regional cooperation, oketa music blo Solo ya bae osem nomoa ya!