Congratulations to Waimapuru and am sure its ex-students are all proud of that place.

I couldn't agree more that Waimapuru has contributed its best to various offices in the SI and overseas. And some commentators have given names.

I was at KGVI when the first bunch of students was chosen to go there. I remember this student (he is a character) from Ren/Bel named Mr. Hunter who led the first group of boys from KG - they were all very excited!

It was exotic at best, taken with a little sense of subtle envy then when students were told that KGVI now have a "cousin" institution in the 'land of the Kakamoras':Makira. I think it broke the monopoly that KGVI has always enjoyed as the "only" SIG school (which is good).

From my 'F/6 Class of 88' (KG), Capt Eric Rove is one of them (do contact me at I am reminded of Gordon Nanau (first Waimapuru F6-Arts student for KGVI) too who is currently finishing his PhD at the University of East Anglia (UK). Its "intellectual offsprings" are many, and they are all fine scholars.

Congratulations again Waimapuru.