Dear Editor,

It saddens me to hear lots of our music are being remixed by very cunning people here in Fiji. Many of Wally pazzy's and Wantok's songs are totally remixed by people here and are sold in DVD shops in Suva. These people are making huge money from the songs of our poor Solomon Artists. Many of us here are so shocked about the remix of the song called "Leabana" of Wantoks which is remixed and the original taste of the music is totally gone. One can only tell it was Wantoks by listening to the lyrics of the song.

There are many examples of our songs being pirated by people here in Fiji such as that of Jah roots and many more. I am asking our government to quickly look at this issue and do not prolong the making of wise decision to set copyright law of songs in our country. We must act now and put a stop to this practice.

Our local artists are very talented and resourcefull hence, it is wise that our government should make use of this medium of resource to earn money. This can benefit both the artists and our national economy through this resource and the so called "Music Industry". With that, it is my call for the national government to act quickly before it is too late and the songs of our nation's best artists will all be pirated by those cunning people out there to make money out of our songs.