Dear editor,

Allow me to share some of my views on the above subject matter.

The recent report of the increased rate of suicide in Solomon Islands is very sad especially when it is common amongst young people. The reasons for such an increase are not clear however it is obvious that the suffering that is faced in our country daily could be one of the underlying factors for this unprecedented increase. Life in our country is almost unbearable when one consider the cost of living especially in Honiara and the other provincial towns. The social problems are numerous and seems endless to comprehend. We are faced with a huge challenge. The impact of this trend will certainly become evident in many aspects of our society.

Consider the impact on our workforce given the high rate of suicide amongst our youths? If this issue is neglected then we are certain like the rising sun that our country will continue to face endless problems. We must question the development strategies in our nation and set priorities to address some of the complexities in our country. Resources must be applied efficiently and effectively. This means that those charge with governance must be accountable for the resources they command as the impact of their actions will be felt by the society either positively or negatively. As we depend more on the cash economy it is of fundermental importance that justice and equality remains the pillar in our development aspirations and most importantly the nations dependence on God for wisdom in managing the affairs of the Happy Isles.