Never give up. Even though there are tough times in SI and record suicide rates even amongst Australian farmers, just never give up because the tough times will pass.

Development of long term poverty and hardship, chronic poverty in other words, can not go on forever. Good times look like they might be just around the corner.

It is time aid donor nation politicians and media woke up to the cause of social and economic hardship in the Pacific.

Nobody can refute reality that SI is under severe impact of traditional staple fish resource devastation. Fish is no longer available to people in hand paddled canoes or from shore as it used to be. Fish used to be money, including shellmoney.

Barter trade in fish and associated employment has fundamentally collapsed in SI and consequent hardship and boredom is obvious.

Indigenous people of the Pacific are under unprecedented stress and suicide is a consequence.

There are some signs solutions may be underway in SI.

The process of real economic development and employment in SI could be speeded up if major media selected poverty as the key issue instead of, or second to, climate change.

Don't give up!