I wish to make a comment regarding the much talked about appointment of our head of police. I see it as unprofessional and improper for our respected national leaders to raise such issue in the media. People with high professions or status should discuss or address such issues in a professional way like taking it to the court for instance. This does not only apply to the Solomon Islands head of police's appointment but also on any other national issues.

This is because irrespective of how many times we take such issues to the media nothing would be addressed. What will be achieved is the continuous tarnishing of the status of our national leaders.

What our country really needs at this time of hardship is for our national leaders and the ordinary people of Solomon Islands to work together. Being critical of our current government in the media does not contribute to our country's growth. Criticisms made in the media does not necessarily represent the publics point of view, it is more a personal point of view.

I think it is high time that the government, opposition party, our national leaders and the public at large to put our hands together and work towards improving the wellbeing of our people. I think it is far better to focus our collective energy towards the economic growth of our country.