I believe there is an appropriate authority within the Ministry of education who can answer to our queries concerning the above matter. I have no disputes.
The practice of medicine can defer greatly from all parts of the world and for the past decades we have produced medical graduates mainly from UPNG (PNG) and FSM (Fiji) where the practice of medicine is very much similar to what we have in SI.

What may be relevant to us may not be relevant to other parts of the world. Our Pacific institutes have been formatted and built over long years of research and publications of medical literature especially conducted in these countries themselves to suit our part of the world. Definitely SI need more doctors I would not disagree. Very soon there will be first graduates coming form Cuba. The only comment I want to leave here is that the Ministry of Health has a responsibly to play in making some form of objective assessment on our first graduates form Cuba and if they are clinically up to par in caring for SI citizens then I see no objections why we should not continue sending medical students to Cuba. That's my main concern.