Solomon Islands Government should start thinking about setting up a copy right authority or body that protects our local songs and other original works in SI.

Shazy and others are now accessing market outside SI. No doubt these individuals cannot protect their original work. It's the state's obligation to oversee this area. May the office of the Attorney General in Solomon Islands and committee set up to address this area counter this.

Fighting copy right laws in the region is an area where SIG and Forum Secretariat have to start thinking about. Absence of any authority to oversee this area is a gateway for exploitations of SI songs by smart Indians and others who know how to modify the same and sell them to other countries in the world.

One Indian Company in Fiji tried last year to do the same with the two Solomon Taiyo brands but its fortunate that I sighted it, and informed solicitors acting for the company distributing Solomon Taiyo in Fiji that I will register objections to it with the Registrar of Trade Mark Office in Fiji. As a result, they withdrew the application for acquisition of ownership/proprietorship of the two Solomon Taiyo brands. Had they done it, they become distributor and proprietor of those brands here in Fiji and overseas markets.

Sharzy and Saba, good work as individuals but once your songs or music enter Fiji, Vanuatu, PNG and New Caledonia, who holds its proprietorship?