Just to recap on the concern of Galo Makoti from Solomon Islands regarding the Awarding of Cuban scholarships. After reading through the article, I was really surprised and worried. If what Galo was talking about is the truth then I'm afraid people of Solomon Islands are at a very big risk. I'm so surprised to know that authority administering the Cuban scholarship is embarking on left out student from SIG scholarships. If SIG cannot accept students with GPA below 3.0 or 3.5 then how comes these students are able to get that International scholarship. Just look at the AusAud and NZAid scholarships, they only get the A and B students and even SIG. If all the three scholarship offers can get all the A and B grade students then we can reason out that Cuban scholarship is getting the left overs which means what Galo was talking about is the truth. Why can't the authority administrating the award did like what the Ausaid has been doing. The truth I knew is that all the intending Medicl A grade students from F/7 have been awarded SIG scholarship to go and study in Taurama (PNG) and FSM(Fiji).

Just few questions to authorities looking after awarding of Cuban scholarship. Are you selecting candidates according to creterion, terms and conditions of the award if they provide or just picking whoever you know or close relatives as it is a common practice in the Solomons? Remember it is medicine, not chemistry, biology physic, education, socialogy and other fields of study. Its medical field and deals with lives of humans. How can you expect good and quality doctors when you award such scholarship to students who do not meet the creterion set by the SIG scholarship. This is a very serious issue and I swear this will affect the country. If it is a nursing programme like the one offered at SICHE (Kukum Campus) then that will be fine otherwise all these are corruption and it needs critical scrutiny.
Hope GOD still cares.

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